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2. A people person

“This is important for clients –buyers of research would rather work with professional AND friendly consultants. Also for respondents – to get the best out of interview /Pointed Stylish Ankle Comfortable Cowboy Women's Toe Pu Chunky Boots Booties Heel DailyShoes Black Western AUxAa participants” (Richard Walker)

3. The ability to stay calm

“It can be really stressful as a researcher sometimes, especially when you have pressing deadlines or are experiencing problems with a data set, for example. When these situations occur, you just have to keep focused and think logically – there will always be an end point, even if it doesn’t feel like it!” (Bethan Turner)

4. Intelligence

“Research requires critical analysis but most of all common sense” (Liz Brierley)

5. Curiosity

“You may have the necessary intelligence but if you are not curious enough then you won’t be passionate about delving deeper to unearth more insight” (Anthony Shephard)

“At the end of the day, the role of a market researcher is to find out about other people’s business and tell it to other people. To be a market researcher you have to have an inherent interest in what other people think (potentially about absolutely anything!), and the nosier you are, the greater depth of information you can extract” (Gareth Hodgson)

6. Quick thinker

“Things don’t always go to plan so you need to be able to think fast” (Anthony Shephard)

7. Commitment

with 11 Medallion Casual Size Helen's with Black Heart 8127 Hidden Wedge Slide 17 “It’s a tough job – the hours can be long, the deadlines short” (Richard Walker)

8. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

“So different audiences can clearly understand the findings of the research and what it means for them” (Jo Iaconianni)

“You have to have excellent written communications and be fluent in the language of business” (Richard Walker)

9. Sympathetic

“Having a sympathetic ear when listening to some respondents’ moans and groans is always a good skill to have!” (Liz Brierley)

10. Systematic

“Check, check and check again. It sounds simple but I’ve definitely learnt that building in a proper amount of time for checking your work always pays dividends. This can be applied to all parts of the research process” (Bethan Turner)

“Attention to detail – the ability to ensure that data is accurately presented and reported” (Anthony Shephard)

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