Art & Design Portfolio

Master of Design Project 2017

Cardiff School of Art & Design



Daylight Weather

‘wood, acrylic, microcontroller, neo pixels, motor, wifi’

“My current work explores how artificial light can stimulate the same subconscious feeling as natural daylight.

I am fascinated by dappled light and the effects of daylight in lived dense urban cities.

With my knowledge from the research I explored, a lot of office spaces, houses and community areas do not have as much light as they should and thus affect people’s behaviour. A study I undertook in my early prototypes showed that this has a powerful effect on creating a relaxed environment and aiming to subconsciously connecting us with the nature that we may not be able to be around during that given time.

I propose that instead of connecting with your phone to see the weather you can do the natural habit of looking at the window which would be a faux window made up of micro controlled light but with results of feeling connected with nature first hand.

I returned to fundamental imagery of what we associate light coming through a curtain on a sunny day i.e., moving trees, wind – I continued my research first hand.

This is achieved through coding and connecting it to a piece of information from the weather forecast station, for example the percentage of precipitation that day results in the change of the lights on the light panel.

This light design has potential of becoming a part of urban architecture where there is limited amount of daylight or none. By controlling the light by natural phenomena (weather) the light window potentially becomes a natural part of everyday life and a solution to the lack of emotional and psychological context of light.”



Below is a sneak peak of the code:




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