Slate 8 Jogger Womens Inkkas 10 Mens

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Jogger 10 Inkkas Mens Womens 8 Slate X75qH Jogger 10 Inkkas Mens Womens 8 Slate X75qH Jogger 10 Inkkas Mens Womens 8 Slate X75qH
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  • Self-discovery

    At MUM, this isn’t just an intellectual process. It’s the discovery of your own innermost nature and your place in the world.

  • Transcendental Meditation®

    You'll learn this evidence-based technique that promotes personal growth, enhances creativity and brain function, and greatly reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Immersion in one course at a time

    At MUM you’re never juggling 4-5 classes, homework, and finals at once. Instead you’re fully immersed in only one subject each month. More >

  • A campus culture with heart

    You'll thrive in a mutually-supportive community where everyone is committed to personal growth.

  • Inkkas Mens Womens Slate 10 Jogger 8 Healthy lifestyle

    You'll learn natural methods for creating balance in body and mind — and enjoy organic vegetarian meals served fresh daily.

    Self-pulse assessment class

  • Innovative sustainability

    MUM is among America’s most green colleges, and the first to offer degree programs in Sustainable Living and Regenerative Agriculture. More >


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Who are we?

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We come from many places, cultures, and backgrounds, but share a strong common commitment to personal inner growth, wellness, sustainability, and positive values.

Many of us have experienced the stress and negativity so common at other colleges. That's why we came to MUM!

We support a progressive and inclusive campus culture that’s creative, dynamic, and focused on making the world a better, more peaceful place.

Learn more with less stress Why is the block system so popular with our students?

  1. At MUM you never juggle 4-5 classes and homework at once.
  2. Instead, you’re immersed in only one full-time course each month. This is the block system.
  3. The block system allows you to easily learn more with less stress. And there’s no finals week!
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