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My current practice is based on the little things in life that make us subconsciously ‘alive’ in form of artificial light. Through the use of multiple development trials I have produced a light box that aims to replicated the dappled natural light shadows that one can find around them inside a naturally lit space – such as twinkling light through the trees. Light is a huge interest of mine and through electronics I focus to explore my passion and the phenomena of natural light. Just like painters such as Caravaggio and Tenebrism movement I am interested in this phenomenon and I am approaching it in a form of electronics. This piece touches on the S.A.D (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and impacts of having this piece around you subconsciously makes you feel relaxed and somewhat lifted.

Thresholds is a multi-disciplinary group exhibition beginning with Fine Art Masters students and ending with Master of Design students from Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Thresholds can be defined as the level at which one starts to feel or react to something, but also as a beginning point in time and entry of a space. Through a combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and performance, different thresholds, both individual and collective emerge.
The works present moments of tension, change, memory, progression, intimacy and boundaries as both the body and human experience are documented and transformed.
The final three days of the exhibition will feature work from Design Masters students with multicultural works ranging from architectural designs to immersive installation works.

Opening: 7 June – 9 June 2017

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